NetSuite Licensing

NetSuite Licensing

When considering the transition to NetSuite ERP cloud-based solutions, businesses must carefully monitor the associated costs, with a particular focus on NetSuite licensing. Understanding the key components of NetSuite licenses is crucial for business leaders to make informed and judicious investments in the system. Therefore, before choosing a tool to revamp the entire business operation, it is essential to closely comprehend the key components of NetSuite licenses.

How Much Does NetSuite License Cost?

The cost of NetSuite’s license or NetSuite licensing is determined based on the concept of “a suite,” with the type of suite required being regulated by the size of the organization and the specific tools or applications intended for deployment. It is essential to consider these factors when determining the licensing needs for NetSuite.

In terms of the language used under NetSuite, these suites are standard as NetSuite Limited Edition, NetSuite Mid-Market Edition, and NetSuite Enterprise Edition.

Each NetSuite Edition function is based on the number of named user licenses and/or the total number of employees within your business organization.
Each NetSuite edition is similar and uniform in terms of the underlying code base and deployment model.

Hence, as your company expands and thrives, you can easily adjust your NetSuite subscription size to meet your requirements, ensuring a seamless transition. Furthermore, with NetSuite licensing, there’s no need to worry about a system migration once you’ve outgrown your current edition; you can simply modify your pricing model.

NetSuite Licensing Edition:

Limited Edition

NetSuite Limited Edition, designed for small businesses, is an ideal NetSuite pricing option for organizations operating a single legal entity. This edition, under standard NetSuite licensing, is particularly suitable for businesses with fewer than ten user licenses and less than 50 employees, providing them with the tools to grow and scale efficiently.

NetSuite Mid-Market Edition

The Mid-Market edition under NetSuite licensing is designed for companies requiring more than ten named users and caters to businesses with two or more legal entities. This edition provides the capability to generate consolidated financial reports across multiple currencies and languages, offering enhanced functionalities for organizations with diverse needs.

NetSuite Enterprise Edition

NetSuite Enterprise Edition, with a pricing structure for companies with more than 1,000+ named users, caters to large-scale enterprises with extensive user requirements.

NetSuite licenses "named user," which is most probably the end-user of the application.


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